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What We Do?

Bud software is one of the leading firm backed with professional personnels with its roots deep into the ground in enabling a hassle free work environment for Corporate . We understand the fundamental pain points & requirements of an organization and help them with desirable services that they wish to adopt in par with Industry Standard.

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Staffing Solutions
  • We are a preferred and premium talent acquisition partner based out of Noida, India. Having tested the waters of the staffing services industry since 1992, we have made a mark as trusted consultants in building the best of careers.
Payroll Services
  • “Payroll outsourcing” is the term of the era. Yes, we stay up-to-date on all the trending services. Bud Software presents a team of payroll experts to whom organizations can outsource their payroll services and simply focus on their own core business.
Recruitment Services
  • With a consistent methodology and procedure for recruitments, we ensure support services to candidates and organizations on a constant basis. We offer “complete manpower solutions” with an expert touch of professionalism.

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